UPDATE!  SB571 has moved to “Interim Study” .  It appears this one won’t bother us for a long while, but there are more on the way!

SB571 has passed the SENATE and is on the way to the HOUSE!  We still have time to have our voices heard!  Submit your story below and we will send it to all 100 HOUSE representatives.


Arkansas State Senators have introduced SB571, which is disguised as a TAX-CUT but in reality it forces more spending of consumers money on products that have helped reduce harm for many Arkansans.

Examples of how this will impact you, the consumer::
Current:: 10ml Premium House Juice: $5.95
After Tax:: 10ml Premium House Juice: $9.95

Current:: 60ml Premium Juice: $24.95
After Tax:: 60ml Premium Juice: $41.95

Current (Average Starter Kit):: $29.95
After Tax (Average Starter Kit):: $49.95


In Pennsylvania, they instituted a 40% tax which immediately closed 150 vape stores in the state. Less than 1 year later, it’s estimated that “Over half of existing stores will close THIS YEAR…” making it almost impossible for people to gain access to harm reduction products.

The vapors voice stopped the tax on HB1565! We are calling on you to help stop this senseless TAX with SB571. Email your story with the form listed below. Tell us how vaping changed your life and how devastating this new TAX will be!
Every email will go directly to 73 State Senators/House Reps. that sponsor this TAX.

Please include how vaping has helped you when sending your message!  A personal touch goes a long way!!