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Why Quit?

Based on studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 70% of people that smoke have the desire to quit, and most of them will make that their resolution. Smoking cigarettes has historically been noted to cause heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and many other illnesses that can put someone’s life at risk. Smoking also takes about 13 years away from a person’s life. Quitting smoking will help those years come back, though. Although quitting seems extremely difficult, it has become a lot easier to quit with a good support group of people. About 50 million people in the United States alone have quit smoking. In the past, people who have given up on quitting have said that because they hung around people who frequently smoked, quitting seemed nearly impossible.

Health is not only a reason to quit, but also doubles as a cause to quit. Quitting will actually bring immediate benefits to your life, even on the people who smoke heavily. Over the course of time, the body of someone who was a former smoker will be extremely similar to the body of someone who has never smoked in their life.

What Happens Once You Quit?

Once you quit smoking, your body will immediately start showing improvement. Multiple sources confirm that your heart rate and your blood pressure will drop after about 20 minutes. With that, your circulation and function of your lungs can show improvements after about 3 months. Risks are also made smaller. For example, within one year of quitting, the risk of heart disease is cut in half.

How Vaping Helps

Many people who are looking to cut smoking out of their lives have an extremely hard time doing so. Some people looking to quit use nicotine patches and gum, and though that works for many, it does not always work for everyone. It’s hard to rid yourself of the craving of the dangers that smoking cigarettes provided. That’s why vaping is super helpful when quitting.

The beauty of electronic cigarettes is that they are not made of the same gross and harmful ingredients that cigarettes contain, removing the body from the unhealthy position cigarettes would put it through. E-cigarettes are used to heat a liquid called e-liquid that produces a vapor. According to many studies, electronic cigarettes have been one of the most beneficial tools to help people quitting cigarettes. The FDA also supports the idea that e-cigarettes are extremely beneficial to helping cigarette smokers quit.

America is not the only country who has looked into how vaping has changed the process for people quitting cigarettes. According to studies that were done in Italy, a group of 300 people who participated in this study for a year had no intention of quitting. By the end of the study though, electronic cigarettes were used so much that the people who originally had no intention of quitting smoking had finally quit. A large part of their success with quitting cigarettes had to do with the use of electronic cigarettes. In England, a similar study was done; the study proved that e-cigarettes were some of the most beneficial ways to help a smoker quit.

When making the decision to give up smoking, always keep the electronic cigarettes in mind. Because the use of electronic cigarettes is on the rise, there is a bright future ahead for those who are making their best attempt to give up smoking. Many people claim that they are users of e-cigarettes, mainly because they are trying to give up how much tobacco they smoke every day. Because of the popularity of e-cigarettes in today’s society, sticking to your resolution of quitting cigarettes has never been easier. Many people within the vaping community are former smokers, so you have a good team of support to rely on when making the switch.


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