Quit Smoking with Vaping

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Smoking can be a difficult habit to kick but vaping offers an alternative. You’ll be getting nicotine while having fewer toxins that you’d get from tobacco. This allows people to be social, spend less on smoking, and ultimately feel better. Vaping is much less harmful than smoking but it has its own risks. It’s great to eventually quit vaping but consider taking a step-wise approach.

Vaping Vs. Other Methods

The nicotine from cigarettes can be replaced in a number of ways. Some people may use nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, inhalers, and even mouth sprays. These products are a simple way of getting nicotine without turning to cigarettes. They are easily available from your doctor, a local pharmacy, Quitline, most supermarkets, and a local stop smoking service.

These products replace the nicotine from cigarettes so they do help to make quitting easier but it’s not as simple as that. Having additional support during this time can help to increase your chances of quitting for good.

There are also a few medications that you can take to stop smoking:

  • Buproprion (Zyban)
  • Nortriptyline (Norpress)

These medications help to reduce the severity of nicotine withdrawal symptoms and make quitting easier. Having additional support from a stopping smoking service can increase your chances of success.

Vaping not Smoking

Smoking can be a hard habit to break which is why many people turn to vaping. You can continue with the same routine such as taking cigarette breaks and continuing to socialize. Vaping is more about the nicotine. Once you’ve smoked for a fair amount of time, you’re going to have a dependence on nicotine. Vaping allows you to keep your routine and the nicotine is still in your system without the toxic substances that come from tobacco.

While it’s best to quit smoking entirely, this may be better as a long-term goal. Even having one cigarette a day can cause damage.

The current treatments today have some limitations. They provide nicotine more slowly and at a lower level than smoking, helping to decrease dependence. However, they don’t address the sensory, behavioral, and social aspects of smoking. This is what smokers often miss most when they give up smoking. E-cigarettes allow you to have these experiences in a safer way.

Almost 2x More Effective

There are many stories about how people are able to quit smoking. There are also multiple studies about the effectiveness of various methods. Since vaping is relatively new though, there haven’t been many studies about its effectiveness.

One recent study showed that vaping was almost twice as effective as other methods in helping smokers to quit. A clinical trial in the UK compared a group of 886 people trying NRTs versus vaping. They were given three months of product and four weeks of support from a coach and then left to continue on their own. A year later, 10% of the NRT group had continue to be non-smokers and 18% of the vaping group were non-smokers. With an effectiveness of almost double, the vaping group saw significantly improved success and provides a reasonable option for smokers today.

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